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Friday, July 21, 2017


 The United Methodist Men (UMM) of Saint Paul UMC
Brad Benson, UMM President


St. Paul United Methodist Men

August 12, 2016

The United Methodist Men at St Paul are revising our plans for the coming year.  Suggestions for UMM activities, studies and events are welcomed.  Please contact Brad Benson to offer ideas for men’s ministry and fellowship.


Clint Holt provided some thoughts and material for our consideration:


I have a suggestion from a book I am reading that was written by Jorge Acevedo, the lead pastor at Grace Church, a multi-site, United Methodist congregation in Southwest Florida where church attendance has grown from 400 to over 2,600 in the past 15 years. Let me share a passage from the book and see if it resonates with any of you:              


... I inherited several sick ministries. One was a United Methodist Men's group made up of old warhorses. They met on a Saturday once a month for breakfast and maybe a speaker from the community. I went for the first few months, and then began to share with them a new vision for men's ministry. I told them I was going to start a new group for men that would meet once a week at a time when younger men still going to work every day could attend. I did not tell the original group that they should or must disband or change their program. Slowly, these guys began to see a new way of doing ministry. The long and the short of it is that this group of men is now a small group that meets alongside a dozen other men's small groups. I minimized the old way while maximizing a new one. ... 


Speaking as one of the old warhorses, maybe we should consider a similar new way of men's ministry. If five or six of us could recruit five or six others to meet on a regular weekly basis at different times and venues, we might be able to reach a broader cross section of the men in our congregation. These weekly groups might establish a rotation for serving at The Lord's Table as a means of engaging together in outreach. We might pull all these groups together two to four times a year for a retreat or staytreat, a chicken dinner, sporting event, special speaker, etc. in order to unite all the men in fellowship and mission on a recurring, but less frequent basis. I think that such a fellowship of small groups is very true to the Wesleyan model and offers a great opportunity for old warhorses to mentor young colts. This is not dissimilar to the UMW model that seems to work fairly well.