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St. Paul United Methodist Church
Monday, March 25, 2019

Project Easter Basket

Once again, the St. Paul Youth are collecting items to fill Easter Baskets that will be sent to the Henry Fork Service Center in Rocky Mount Virginia.  We are collecting small Easter gifts today through March 18th.  

The youth of St. Paul will be putting together these Easter Baskets on Sunday, March 18th. They will be delivered to the Henry Fork Service Center in Rocky Mount, VA the week of March 19th. They will be distributed to the children in their after school program by classes.


ABOUT THE AREA -  Henry Fork is in a rural area called Rocky Mount Virginia, near the Roanoke area.  This area sees a high drop-out rate and a lot of domestic violence.  The  center is there to give positive help in school and to offer activities for the children. 


WHAT IS IN THE BAGS? - The Easter Baskets will start out with one STUFFED ANIMAL which the youth have been collecting throughout the year, and also the other items will fill the baskets based on age.   We will be ordering from Oriental Trading and other Novelty spots for some bulk items, but the majority of the rest of the items will come from YOU, so thank you VERY much for participating in this project. 


ITEMS NOT TO PURCHASE - we will not be sending any candy (since the center focuses on healthy eating habits and because dental problems are common). Nor will we be sending any toys that represent weapons (no water guns) because of the prevalence of violence in the area. 


WHERE TO SHOP - In Rocky Mount the rural area only has one big store, and that is Wal-Mart.  If we can avoid buying our items from Wal-Mart, we might be able to send items that they haven’t seen before.  Try Target, Dollar Stores, 5 Below (in the mall), or Party City first before trying Wal-Mart.

We are collecting items for these special Easter gifts through March 26th. This year, you are invited to shop for Boy, Girl, or Unisex items based on your last name:

If your last name begins with:

  • A - I, please shop for non-candy UNISEX items.(stickers, pencils, books, cups, toothbrush, school supplies, straws, bubbles, coloring items)
  • J - R, please shop for non-candy items for GIRLS
    (novelty socks, hair accessories, bracelets, water toys, books, cups, toothbrush)
  • S - Z, please shop for non-candy items for BOYS (toys, coloring sheets, novelty socks, sport toys, water toys, toothbrush, school supplies)

Each year, the children and youth ages 2 - 11 look forward to these gifts from their friends at St. Paul.  Last year, we assembled and delivered over 58 Easter Baskets to the students at Henry Fork Center.  Thank you for helping us with our project to spread Easter joy with some great kids!