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Friday, July 21, 2017


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7-9-17 Epistle Plus Printed Announcements

ICE CREAM SOCIAL AND HYMN SING - You are invited to attend St Paul UMC’s Ice Cream Social and Hymn Sing on Sunday, July 16th at 5:00 pm in the fellowship hall.  Choose your favorite hymns and your favorite ice cream toppings and join us for a fun evening. Please use the insert slip to sign up ONLY ONCE before July 9th!


THANK YOU FROM RALPH - I would like to thank all of my friends at St. Paul for their prayers, cards, calls, and visits while I was in the hospital recently.  My follow-up physical therapy at home continues and other physical tests by doctors.  I hope to soon return to St. Paul once again.  Bless you all.  - Ralph Myers


ALL REQUEST AUGUST!  - You get to pick the songs for AWAKENING worship in August!  Over the Sundays in July, please write in your favorite Awakening songs in the spaces below and we’ll select from this list for our August song selections.  Please select  from current Awakening Songs (a full list is provided online and printed on the table in the social hall).  Pick your favorites and then come help us sing them during our praise sets.  Vote online OR tear at the dotted line and drop it in the offering basket.


My 3 Favorite Awakening Songs:

______________    ______________    ______________


MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS WORKSHOP - On Sunday, July 23rd 2pm - 4pm, Come discover how to use online media to promote and advertise the ministries of St. Paul! Amy Miller will lead us in a presentation on how to utilize social media to reach our local community through more deliberate interaction! If you love St. Paul and have a social media account, this workshop is for you! Topics will include: Google, Facebook, Hashtags, and a little bit of Twitter.  Children are welcome to attend with parental supervision- coloring sheets will be provided, and the format will be casual. Light snacks will be provided.


ALTAR FLOWER SIGN-UP - Every Sunday, we enjoy flowers on the altar in memory or honor of a loved one or occasion.  The altar arrangements are beautifully designed by Lake Ridge Florist.  To sign-up to have an arrangement, please see the “Flower Chart” posted in the church office hallway.  There are several slots in the coming weeks for altar flowers.  Payment for the flowers should be placed in the offering plate or using online giving ($35 for Altar Flowers). Individual flowers (carnation or rose) are also available as well.  Contact Donna Bolton (703-494-3217 or for individual flower requests. Please provide an email or phone call to the church office (703-494-2445, with preferred wording for the Epistle Plus write-up. Following the 11am worship service, the flowers are yours to take home and enjoy.



July 12, 2017

This Wednesday, July12th at 7:40pm the Leadership Team will meet in the Bethany room (C248).  Below you will find the agenda for the upcoming meeting.  Please note that all Leadership Team meetings are open for members to attend.

· Devotion/Reflection/Prayer

· Review of May Leadership Team Minutes

· Trustees Report: Seepage repair update, UMM Work Day (July 15), Incorporation Update

· Finance Report: Stewardship Campaign Plan

· Report from Annual Conference

· Outreach Report: Pantry updates

· New Business/other items

· Pastor Time

· Dismissal with prayer

In order to keep the congregation informed of Leadership Team’s work, the agenda will be printed the week of the meeting and abbreviated minutes will be printed and available. 


“ENOUGH” STEWARDSHIP MOMENT“I will suggest that joy and contentment are found in simplicity and generosity, in faith, in pursuing your purpose in life. I’m not advocating that any of us live in poverty, but that we cultivate contentment and re-evaluate what constitutes the ‘good life.’ There is no sin in having wealth. … The problem arises when we make acquisition of wealth and possessions our focus in life. Here Jesus was right to warn us that we cannot serve both God and wealth – only one can be most important in our life.”  - Adam Hamilton, “Enough”


PURPOSE DRIVEN CHALLENGE 2017 - Part of our challenge is to identify our purpose in life. “The search for purpose in life has puzzled people for thousands of years. That’s because we typically begin at the wrong starting point – ourselves. … You were made by God for God – and until you understand that, life will never make sense. It is only in God that we discover our origin, our identity, our meaning, our purpose, our significance, and our destiny. … Life is about letting God use you for his purposes, not your using him for your own. … Being successful and fulfilling your life’s purpose are not at all the same issue!”  -  Rick Warren, “A Purpose-Driven Life”

  BUILDING REPAIR RELATED TO WATER SEEPAGE - Closure of the Social Hall outside entrance and the Church Office Corridor outside entrances are possible during the ongoing Foundation Water Seepage Construction which began this past week. The project, approved by the Leadership Team at their March 8, 2017 meeting, is being undertaken to address the problem of water seepage through the foundation into the Preschool and Children’s Sunday School areas. Signage directing individuals to alternate entrances will be posted during periods when the Social Hall or the Church Office Corridor entrances are closed.


NO ENVELOPE, NO CHECKBOOK, NO CASH, NO PROBLEM!– We are excited to introduce our new ONLINE GIVING option to the congregation!  If you are like many who do not carry cash or checks regularly, this is a solution for you!  You can set-up a reoccurring donation or make a one-time donation using a debit card, credit card, or check.  We also have options to designate funds, the ability to contribute to special offerings, or even pay for your Sunday School books through this system.  To make an online donation is EASY, just go to our website ( and click on the “online giving” image. You will be directed to our St. Paul online giving page, where you can securely login and make a donation.  Or scan this QR Code Square with your smartphone to be led directly to the St. Paul online donation phone-friendly version.


LORD’S PANTRY - The Lord's Pantry provides food for our neighbors in need.  Food items are needed to restock our shelves.  The following are needed:

tuna fish canned fruit vegetables

plain pasta canned soup cereal

tomato sauce beans
Your food donations can be placed in the shopping carts in the front hall.