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St. Paul United Methodist Church
Monday, August 19, 2019

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

  • Chairperson — Dave Turner
  • Vice Chairperson — Brad Benson
  • Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee Leader (SPPRC) — George DeHarde
  • Finance Leader, UMM Rep. — Brad Benson
  • Trustees Leader — Bill Elmore
    • Trustees — Donna Pollard & Brad Benson
  • Lay Leader, Annual Conference Delegate — Donna Pollard
  • Worship Leader, Young Adult Rep. — TBD
  • Witness Leader — Bob Bryant
  • Outreach Leader — Mike Wilson
  • Nurture Leader, UMW Rep. — Susan Piccione
  • Youth Representative — Pastor Scott Beck
  • Senior Pastor, Nominations and Leadership Development Rep. — Scott Beck
  • Treasurer — Tom Davies
  • Recording Secretary* — Joan Davidson
  • Staff Business Administrator* — Tom Davies
  • Staff Office Coordinator* — Nadia Bakir

* indicates non-voting member

New St. Paul UMC Leadership Team Structure for 2017


Effective with the new year, we are moving to a new organizational structure that was reviewed and approved by the District Superintendent and our church council and approved by you at our charge conference in November. The new church leadership is a streamlined model that eliminates several committees so that members are freed-up to do ministry rather than attend meetings. The intent is to reduce the size and complexity of the leadership structure so that we as a congregation can be more fully engaged in hands-on ministry and mission.


The United Methodist Book of Discipline requires certain committees to exist, but it allows the Leadership Team to function as those committees if the membership of the required committees is satisfied within the Leadership Team. For instance, The Book of Discipline requires the Trustees to have a minimum of three members. If, then, three members of the Leadership Team are designated as Trustees, that requirement is satisfied. Also, The Book of Discipline requires the Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee (SPPRC) to meet at least quarterly. If, then, one member of the Leadership Team is designated as chairperson of the SPPRC, other members of the Leadership Team may be listed as members of the SPPRC, and business that needs to be conducted under SPPRC responsibilities may be accomplished through the Leadership Team.


This allows the Leadership Team to take on the functions of the required committees of the church with the intention of reducing the number of meetings needed to conduct the business of the church. This also reduces the number of members needed to fill the rosters of the committees, freeing more people to be in hands-on ministry. The purpose of the church is “to faithfully be in ministry to all of God’s people, to the end that all may realize the love of God for the world, and to make disciples of Jesus Christ.” To that end we have restructured so that more people may be in ministry rather than in meetings.


The people who serve on the Leadership Team are called Leaders and the small groups of people in the congregation doing ministry are called Mission Teams.  A Mission Team may be a group that does ongoing ministry (Readers, Greeters, Lord’s Table, Children’s Teachers, etc.), or a Short-term Mission Team formed for a specific task that disbands upon task completion (Stop Hunger Now team, Vacation Bible School team, Narthex Beautification team, etc.). We hope that every member of the congregation will be a part of a Mission Team at some point during the year.


The Leadership Team members and roles for 2017, as approved at the annual charge conference are:

1.      Chairperson – Clint Holt

2.      SPPRC Leader – Dave Turner

3.      Finance Leader – Marc Safley

4.      Trustees Leader – Bill Elmore

5.      Lay Leader – Donna Pollard (trustee)

6.      Lay Member, Annual Conference – Gabe Smith

7.      Worship Leader - TBD

8.      Witness Leader – Brad Benson

9.      Outreach Leader – Mike Wilson

10.   Nurture Leader – Susan Piccione

11.   UMM Representative – Brad Benson

12.   UMW Representative – Susan Piccione

13.   Young Adult Representative - TBD

14.   Youth Representative – Whit Benson

15.   Senior Pastor – Larry Craddock

16.   Church Treasurer – Chris Caseman (trustee)

17.   Recording Secretary* – Carole Sundman

18.   Business Administrator* – Tom Davies

19.   Office Coordinator* – Amy Miller

*Non-voting member


The Leadership Team meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm. An agenda for each meeting will be made available in the Epistle Plus the Sunday prior to each meeting. All Leadership Team meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend.