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St. Paul United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Fellowship Hour


We have all enjoyed coffee, tea, water and/or nibbles with our friends on Sunday during or after worship.  Beginning with the first Sunday in May, the duties for hosting Fellowship Hour will be assumed by individuals formed into teams of two with one team for each of our two services.  You are welcome to say with whom you would like to work.  Each team will host one Sunday on a rotating basis (how often depends on how many teams there are).  If you are not available on the date you are assigned, just change with someone else on the list and let the coordinator know. 

Please look below at what the responsibilities are for the teams for your service.  If this is something you would like to do for yourself and those that worship with you, please sign-up by contacting the church office.  By the end of April, teams will be set and a schedule will be made and distributed.  This is such a simple thing to do but will be appreciated by so many.




Fellowship Hour Duties

Training will be provided

 8:30 –  arrive

     Put on coffee (regular and decaf) and hot water

     Put out ceramic cups and a few paper cups

     Put out condiments (creamer, sugar, artificial                              sweetener, tea bags, stirrers)

     Put tablecloth on round table nearest the coffee pots

     Place on table:  snacks (from kitchen) along with napkins

     Ensure that tall trash can is at end of cabinets

     Make sure coffee is available after Communion

9:45 Refresh coffee

     Wipe down any spills in the coffee area

     Cover left-over snacks with a napkin

     Take dirty cups to the kitchen, rinse them out and put in           grey tub


Fellowship Hour Duties

Training will be provided

10:45   Check coffee in pots and refresh if needed

11:50   Refresh coffee

           Put out more snacks if needed

           Put napkins on the table if needed

12:30   Make sure the coffee maker is turned off

Take all cups to the kitchen, rinse out and put in grey tub

         Empty coffee pots, rinse and replace

          Put away all condiments

          Wipe down the coffee area

          Dispose of any leftover snacks, wash trays and put them away

          Make sure there are no crumbs on table or floor

          Shake the tablecloth and put it away