Saint Paul United Methodist Church 1400 G Street Woodbridge, VA 22191 Phone: 703-494-2445
St. Paul United Methodist Church
Saturday, July 04, 2015

About Us


Who We Are

     St. Paul is a vital, growing, church that is the church home of nearly 1,600 persons. St. Paul offers a wide variety of ministry opportunities for the church and the community to work together. St. Paul is a place where you have an opportunity to develop your relationship with God and with others in numerous ways, depending on your interests and talents. St. Paul has intentionally structured its ministries to allow people to participate in small ways and large ways — depending on their time availability and commitment level. We believe that everyone is a child of God, with gifts and graces that are needed by the world.


What We Believe

     St. Paul United Methodist Church believes in the love and power of God at work in the world. As Christians, we believe that God revealed this love perfectly through Jesus Christ. We believe that the Bible is the inspired written word of God, revealing who God is and how God relates to humanity and creation, individually and as a whole. As United Methodist Christians, we believe that God generously loves creation, having bestowed both diversity and interdependence as a gift. Our diversity and interdependence connects us both to God and to each other.

     We believe that God's love is given to us freely and that God honors human free choice in accepting that love and its power in one's life. We believe that God offers this love through Christ, and to us through many means of grace — sacramental (Baptism and Holy Communion), intellectual (study and formation), spiritual (worship, prayer and devotion) and communal (outreach, hospitality and fellowship). We believe that individuals respond to God's gift of love to them by sharing who they are and what they have with others. We believe in the essential unity of creation, and God's people, and in the essential liberty of the individual, and the essential charity to be shown to all.

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