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Sunday, November 23, 2014


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Below are the announcements from the Epistle Plus for 11-16-14


Lord’s Table Worship = 64,  9:00 = 55, 11:00 = 136

Sunday School = 109,  Worship Total = 255


ALTAR FLOWERS - are given by Sydney Goldsby in memory of Bill Goldsby. 


WHITE FLOWER - the white flower on the alter is in memory of Bill Clarke who passed away on Nov. 13.  Cards of sympathy may be sent to his wife, Ginny Clarke at 14603 Overlook Drive, 22191


MID-WEEK PRAYER SERVICE - Pastor Larry leads a Worship at mid-week on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm, consisting of a 30 minute prayer time to allow all who would like an injection of "the Spirit" to see us through till Sunday.  The short time will permit those who often have other meetings at church to be able to attend as well.


ORGAN DONATION LIST– Last Sunday we dedicated our Organ and shared a list of those who contributed.  The edited organ donation list is available in the Narthex and will continue to be available throughout this month.  Please review the list of those who contributed to the purchase of our new organ and report any additions, deletions, omissions,  or corrections to Amy Miller at 703-494-2445.     



WHITE HOUSE ORNAMENTS ARE HERE! - Pick up your ornament order today in the Social Hall or call Barbara Turner 703-580-8285 to make other arrangements to pick up your order.

CHRISTMAS POINSETTIAS - It is time to think of honoring our loved ones and friends with the beautiful poinsettias which will decorate our St. Paul sanctuary during the Christmas season.  A table will be set up in the social hall to take orders for these flowers BEGINNING TODAY -  November 30. If you have questions, please contact Sidney Goldsby at 703-497-9801.


PENNIES FOR PROPANE - Winter temperatures are already here, and many of our homeless friends lack the financial resources to buy propane to keep themselves warm.  Without propane, many of the homeless will experience days and nights of extreme cold.  To address this situation, all who are interested in helping the homeless in this important area are asked to make a donation to “Pennies for Propane.”  If a sufficient number of the congregation each donate the equivalent of $5,000 pennies—$50.00, we can continue to provide propane to the homeless.  Please consider a cash or check contribution to “Pennies for Propane.”  Your check can be made out to Saint Paul United Methodist Church with “Pennies for Propane” on the memo line.  This should be in addition to any current financial commitment to Saint Paul.  Note that cold weather is already upon us, so please help address this need as soon as possible.  Thank you for your support.


THE PECANS ARE HERE! The annual UMW pecan sale is a great opportunity to buy pecans for your holiday baking and for Christmas gifts.  We are selling 16 oz. bags of large halves, 16 oz. bags of large pieces, and the always popular 12 oz. bags of chocolate covered pecans for $10 each.  All proceeds support the missions of the UMW.  You may purchase yours Sundays in the extended narthex outside the parlor.   


ST. PAUL ANNUAL CHARGE CONVERENCE - TONIGHT, 7:30pm - St. Paul UMC will have an individual Charge Conference on November 16th at 7:30pm.   The District Superintendent, Jeff Mickle, will conduct this meeting of review of our 2014 year, and our visions for the 2015 year. We will vote for our 2015 committee and ministry team leaders, and on the salaries of our appointed clergy.  Also, we will vote on the purchase of Bethel UMC’s portion of the property on Woodbridge Street.  Members of St. Paul UMC Church Council will be voting members at the Charge Conference.   All are welcome to attend.



Bethel UMC has offered to sell their share of the jointly owned Mountcastle house on Woodbridge Street to St Paul UMC for $50,000. The tax assessed value of the property as of January 2014 was $162,000--half of which--$81,000--belongs to Bethel UMC. The St Paul Trustees and Church Council have approved the purchase and the final decision will be voted on during the Charge Conference on November 16th.

The United Methodist Credit Union has indicated St Paul can borrow the $50,000 as an unsecured loan amortized over 15 years.

The cost of assuming Bethel's share of the Woodbridge Street house would be:

Payment on $50,000 loan at 4.6 percent = $385 per month

Taxes (Bethel's current share) = $ 85 per month

Insurance (Bethel's current share) = $ 10 per month

Maintenance cost (based on last 2 years) = $55 per month

Total monthly cost = $535 per month

St Paul would receive an extra $500 in rental payment--Bethel's share currently-- from the house each month to offset most of the additional costs. In addition, St Paul will accrue $200 per month in principal reduction on the loan.


HANGING OF THE GREENS WORSHIP SERVICE - Sunday, November 30th, 11:00am.  Mark your calendars and plan to be a part of the wonderful reminder of the symbols of the season in our Sanctuary.  We will have the sanctuary prepared for Advent, and will share in some music and explain the symbols of our sanctuary décor.  This will be a wonderful service to prepare our hearts and minds for the Advent season and for the birth of Christ.  Invite visiting family and friends to be a part of this special time of worship 

COMMITTED TO CHRIST SERIES - Today we continue the Committed to Christ series.  This program is an invitation to everyone to grow one step closer to being fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ—dedicating ourselves to the Lord and obeying what the Lord has commanded, all in a spirit of gratitude.  We are focusing on one of these six areas of discipleship each week: Prayer, Bible Study, Worship, Witness, Giving and Service.

                                Now we continue our program giving us opportunity to grow in our:

                                Commitment to Financial Giving TODAY

Commitment to Service November 23rd

Please be a part of this wonderful program.  Booklets are also available for a donation of $5-10 and may be picked up in the Narthex. 


WEEKLY GIVING THROUGH SEPTEMBER 2014 - The table below presents the number of parishioners in several categories of average weekly giving—numbers represent only those parishioners whose gifts can be identified and does not include loose plate—through September 30, 2014.

Amount given weekly during 2014          Number of Families giving                                                             these amounts

$1-10                                                                           31

$11-24                                                                         30

$25-49                                                                      20

$50-99                                                                      34

$100-199                                                                   25

$200-499                                                                 18

$500 - Over                                                            1

Total Number of Identified Givers        159

 CALLING ALL DEAL-FINDERS & GROCERY SHOPPERS! Through December 7th, St. Paul will be collecting specific items for the Children & Youth's 3nd Winter Bags Mission Project. This project will provide food bags to students on free-lunch in local schools over the 2 week winter break.  Items may be dropped of in the designated grocery cart at the pumpkin patch, or at the church office.  Items to start shopping for:

Peanut Butter
Jelly (plastic jar preferred)
Ramen Noodles

Canned Pasta Sauce 
Macaroni &
Granola Bars
Fruit Snacks
Fruit Cups

Please consider taking this list to your workplace or neighborhood, for a food drive!  Thank you for your support of this project! Also, please support the Pumpkin Patch, through Oct. 31 as the proceeds will benefit this project!


NOVEMBER PHOTOGRAPHY INSPIRATION:  Give Thanks Psalm 136:1 says “Give Thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.” Be inspired by this scripture and snap photos of the things in your daily life that share this message of praise. Share your photo individually via e-mail titled “Give Thanks” to or post to the St. Paul Facebook page ( or #StPaulGiveThanks on Twitter and Instagram and please note that sending your photo to St. Paul grants permission for that photo go be used in our various media options.

COME SING Music Director Ernest Johnson invites you to participate in a joyful season of singing at St. Paul’s! Join a rich musical tradition of praising God through music by singing in the Chancel Choir as often as your schedule allows. Rehearsals are every Thursday evening, 7:30-9:00 in the choir room.

Singers Needed! – We will soon be preparing a special Lessons and Carols cantata for the Christmas season, filled with beautiful arrangements of some of your favorite carols. More singers are needed for this special event. You may join us just for the Christmas rehearsals if your schedule does not allow for regular attendance during the year.  No formal training is required, just the love for singing.  The ability to read music is helpful, but not necessary. Recordings can be made available to help you learn your part.  Please notify Ernest by speaking with him today, or emailing him at


LORD’S PANTRY - The Lord's Pantry provides food for our neighbors in need.  Food items are needed to restock our shelves.  The following are needed:

· tuna fish

· plain pasta

· tomato sauce

· canned fruit

· canned soup

· beans

· vegetables

· cereal

Your food donations can be placed in the shopping carts in the front hall.


SOUP LABELS -  Don’t forget to save your labels from all Campbell’s items.  The UMW were pleased to learn that the Henry Fork Service Center collected enough labels to purchase a new van last year! We continue to support The Henry Fork Center by collecting labels for additional supplies for their ministry. 


FRUIT FOR A GREAT CAUSE - the Cokesbury United Methodist Men are conducting a fruit sale from Golden Harvest to benefit the ministries that they support (including college scholarships, Rising Hope, ACTS, and other community charities).  Place your order through Dec. 1 for the following items:

Variety —Tangerines, Navel Oranges, Red Grapefruit = Half Box = $27, Quarter = $15

Red Grapefruit— Box = $28, Half Box = $17, Quarter Box = $10

Florida Navel—Box = $32, Half Box = $20, Quarter Box = $10

Tangerines—Half Box = $27, Quarter Box = $15

To place your order go to, call 703-494-6552 or e-mail  between 6pm & 8pm Dec. 12 or 9am—11am on Dec. 13

They will also be doing a January sale to include Honeybell Tangelos in their best season.


BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION - Please save box tops for the St. Paul preschool!  Each box top is worth $.10.  Each box top counts and all are appreciated.  Look for the collection box and/or the collection sheets in the extended narthex!


RISING HOPE THANKSGIVING - Rising Hope is seeking food donations and/or volunteers for their Thanksgiving Day meal that serves about 100 people.  Please check with Sarah Heckman 703-360-1976 x 14 at Rising Hope to sign up for items. 


BI-DISTRICT TRAINING DAY - Each year Alexandria & Arlington Districts join together to offer a great resource of training to all church laity and pastors!  January 10, 2015 at Floris UMC at 9am - 3:45pm is the annual training day.  Select 2 sessions that are of interest to you and your ministry, and enjoy keynote speakers in the opening session.  Early registration is going on NOW through Dec. 18 for the full day cost of $30, it increases to $60 at the door.  Register online at