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St. Paul United Methodist Church
Sunday, April 20, 2014


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Below are the announcements from the Epistle Plus for 4-13-14    



Lord’s Table Worship = 66,  9:00 =  62, 11:00 = 219

Sunday School =130,  Worship Total = 347


ALTAR FLOWERS TODAY - are given by Dan & Katherine Dorman in honor of Glenn Fox's birthday (April 15), and in honor of Rose Dorman's birthday (April 26th).


CALLED CHARGE CONFERENCE - St. Paul will have a Called Charge Conference on Wednesday, April 23rd at 7:30pm.  The purpose of this called charge conference will be to make a decision on the sale of the 3402 Woodbridge Street Property.  Our regularly scheduled Church Council meeting will immediately follow.


FLOWERS FOR SUNRISE - at 6:15am the Easter Sunrise Service will be offered on the church front lawn.  Yes, the correct time is 6:15am (despite conflicting announcements that may have been made).  This beautiful service offers a view of the sunrise as we remember the first Easter morning.  As part of this service we will transform the wooden cross from a symbol of death to a symbol of life, using stemmed flowers.  Plan to bring stemmed flowers with you to worship to adorn the cross.  Worshippers at 9am & 11am are also welcome to come early and decorate the cross with additional flowers.


EASTER PANCAKE BREAKFAST - immediately following the Sunrise Service, the United Methodist Men will provide a warm Easter Pancake Breakfast.  All are welcome!

HOLY THURSDAY - Our Holy Week service will be offered on Thursday night at 7:30pm.  This Holy/Maundy Thursday service will include the readings of the passion story and Holy Communion.


LENTEN TREE -  Throughout the Lenten Season, the children's ministry will be assembling a Lenten tree in front of the nursery for the whole congregation to enjoy and learn with us. Since Lent is a time of spiritual preparation for the events leading up to Jesus' death and about resurrection; each week in Lent the children will be making and adding a new decoration to the tree which will help them to remember and understand the events that happened during Holy Week.  Watch the tree for changes this week.


SECOND TIME AROUND SALE - June 7th -  Do you have new or “gently used” items that you no longer want?  Maybe you have received gift items that you can’t use.   We are looking for items that are no larger than “table top” size.  The UMW will be having a “Second Time Around Sale” on Saturday, June 7th.  We need donated items for the sale.  Donations can be left in the designated tote in the extended narthex.  All proceeds from the sale will go to UMW Missions.  Contact Susan Piccione, 703-730-3630, for information.

Hilda Barg Family Shelter - St. Paul is scheduled to provide meals, April 27 - May 3 at the Hilda Barg Family Shelter.  St. Paul has provided meals for the families at the shelter for over 15 years.  As in the past we will be serving supper and providing breakfast and lunch Sunday thru Saturday.  If you feel led to participate in this ministry, sign-up sheets will be in the fellowship hall, starting March 30th, after each worship service.


2014-2015 PRESCHOOL REGISTRATION - is going on NOW!  If you have any 2 - 4 year olds in your life, church members do receive a discounted rate.  Contact Katie MacGregor, (703-586-5031) for more information, and see the preschool website


UMW Unit Meeting - Make plans to join us for the UMW Unit Meeting, Sunday, May 4th at 12:30 PM in the Bethany Room.  A salad luncheon will be provided.  All women are invited to join us for this time of fellowship. 


LAY READERS - Would you like to get involved in worship by helping to lead?  Serving as a lay reader is a great way to serve in the 11am service.  Lay Readers will read the scripture, lead the Gathering Words, and on the first Sunday, they will be asked if they want to help with communion.   If you are interested, or if you’d like to learn more, contact Tom Corcoran at with your name, phone #, and e-mail address.


Church’s Financial Status Will No Longer Be Reported on a Regular Basis

The United Methodist Church believes that frequent periodic reporting of a Church’s financial status can be misleading to parishioners and does not result in more contributions. In some cases, the payments of several quarterly bills in a given month can cause the Church to appear to be in financial trouble at the end of that month and cause unnecessary anxiety. While in other cases, the Church may appear to have a significant surplus at the end of a month but have several significant expenses pending during the next month that will result in a deficit. The Church believes that reporting once--at the end of the year--gives a truer picture of the Church’s financial health. The Finance committee has decided to no longer post weekly financial status repots.  The Finance committee will continue to report monthly to the Church Council.  Any questions regarding the church's financial status may be directed to the Finance Committee at any time.



                 Thursday, April 17, Holy Thursday Worship  - 7:30pm

                 Sunday, April 20, Easter Sunday:

                                 Sunrise Service, 6:15am (bring stemmed flowers to place on the cross)

                                 Pancake Breakfast - immediately following Sunrise Service

                                 Contemporary Easter Worship, 9:00am

Traditional Easter Worship, 11:00am

 HEALTH KITS FOR 2014 ANNUAL CONFERENCE - The United Methodist Women are beginning to collect materials for Health Kids for 2014 Annual Conference.

     We have decided to emphasize one required item each month. 

     For the remainder of March we are requesting hand towels (recommended sizes 15”x25” or 17” x 27”)

     For the month of April we are requesting metal nail clippers or metal nail files (no emery boards please). We are also requesting hand towels for April.

Please place this item in the box located in the extended narthex. Also be mindful an entire kit can be purchased for a donation of $12.00.  Thanks to all for helping us reach our goal for 200 kits! 


FLOWER SIGN-UPS - Each Sunday, throughout the year, Altar flowers are given to the Glory of God and in loving memory or in honor of family members and friends. If you would like to donate altar flowers for Sunday services in memory of your loved ones, please sign your name on the flower sign-up sheet located on a kiosk in the Social Hall.  The cost is $35 for arrangements and $1.50 for carnations.   You can place payment for flowers in the offering plate, just be sure to make a notation of “altar flowers” on your check and/or envelope.  Lake Ridge Florist at Tackett’s Mill has done a wonderful job.  The new 2014 sign up chart is in the Social Hall. Contact  Donna Bolton (703-314-5111  for more info.


LORD’S PANTRY - The Lord's Pantry provides food for our neighbors in need.  Food items are needed to restock our shelves.  The following are needed:

tuna fish

plain pasta

tomato sauce

canned fruit

canned soup




  Your food donations can be placed in the shopping carts in the front hall.


SOUP LABELS -  Don’t forget to save your labels from all Campbell’s items.  The UMW were pleased to learn that the Henry Fork Service Center collected enough labels to purchase a new van last year! We continue to support The Henry Fork Center by collecting labels for additional supplies for their ministry. 


JOIN THE SOUND TEAM - The sound team has opportunities for more team members!  Help to insure that the service is able to be heard by the congregation, in addition to helping those who were unable to attend by recording the service for CD mailings and for the website.  The sound system is an easy-to-learn system - If you are comfortable with operating your home devices, this will be a great fit for you.   Contact Scott Atkinson (703-655-5039), or Amy Phillips (703-494-2445, to sign up.